See whether your building's shared washers are occupied. In real-time.

Sick of going out to wash laundry and all washers are taken? With our connected solution this will never happen again.

Save time.

With our product, you see in real time which shared washers are in use. Never loose time by going out to wash clothes and find that all washers are occupied.

Easy to use.

All you need to do is to put the sensors with a magnet to the back of your washers. Plug in the gateway into an outlet. That's it.

Real-time notifications

Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms send you instant notifications per E-Mail or SMS when a washer starts or stops.

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Frequently asked questions

Interested? Learn how to save time with your laundry.

How does it work?

You will receive a Bluetooth for each washer you want to monitor and one gateway to connect your sensors to our platform. Attach the sensors to the back of each washer using the included magnets and plug the gateway into a power outlet. Then you can check our web portal to see whether a machine is running or not and subscribe to notifications.

Do I need a subscription?

All you need to do is to purchase our hardware kit which will give you lifetime access to our web portal to monitor your building's washer status.

Can my neighbors use the service as well?

Yes. You will receive cashback on your purchase for each neighbor that signs-up to see whether washers are free in your laundry room. So spread the word. See pricing for more information.

Simple pricing

One-time cost for hardware. Lifetime access for yourself. Add others for less than $ 1.

Hardware-kit & lifetime access

$ 29.99 once
  • 3 Bluetooth sensors for 3 washers
  • 1 Gateway to connect sensors to our platform
  • Lifetime access to our web portal to monitor your building's washers
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Web portal access for additional users

$ 0.99 Monthly
  • Add additional users to monitor your washers
  • Real-time notifications per SMS and E-Mail
  • See in real-time whether you should go to your building's laundry room
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I hate carrying my heavy laundry to the laundry room just to find out that there is no free washer. This has been a life saver.

Britney, 37

San Francisco
As a single father of three I do laundry almost every day. Without access to in-apartment washers, SmartWasher has saved me a lot of hassle.

Charles, 42, father of three

San Francisco
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Built With Launchaco